VTC Rules

  1. Follow TruckersMP rules.
  2. Respect all other Drivers, inside and outside the Team.
  3. Respect our Staff.
  4. Display your TruckersMP Username as [ETS2MCG] Your name
  5. Be active in the Team.
  6. You can not be a member of any other VTC while you are a member at ETS2MCG, otherwise, you will be punished.
  7. Leaking or disclosing any information that is only shared within the VTC members, you will be banned and blacklisted.
  8. If you are found to be backtalking about our company to damage our reputation, you will be punished for malicious intent.
  9. Please do not use the in-game report system to report members in VTC. If you want to report a member (reckless driving or doing other things that are harmful to VTC), please report it to the General Manager.
  10. If you wish to leave the VTC, please talk and notify the General Manager or Human Resources first. Leaving without stating any reason will be considered as VTC hopping and will result in a ban and blacklist.

Convoy/Event Rules

  1. Follow TruckersMP rules.
  2. No cars (Only Convoy/Event Staff can use cars).
  3. Please listen to instructions from verified Convoy Control and Event Staff.
  4. Keep distance at least 70-100m from the truck in front and the truck behind you.
  5. Drive safely and speed appropriately.
  6. Please respect all players in the convoy/event.
  7. Respect all rules and instructions given during the event.
  8. The speed of the convoy is communicated by the leader of the convoy and must be observed.
  9. Follow others and keep a straight line at all times. (Stay in a line and don't rush.)
  10. Please park in our parking slot in the convoy/event, which is posted below each convoy/event article.
  11. Please take truck, trailer and skin like the detailed description.
  12. Please arrive at the starting point before 10 minutes.
  13. When arrived finishing point, please don't out. Wait for people to come and take photos.
  14. Beacons are only allowed while driving. However, please turn off the beacons when the trip/convoy stops, both in companies and in rest areas. Convoy Leader can use them when stopped if it's needed.
  15. Please follow Convoy Leader and Coonvoy Leader, don't overtake them.