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About Us

ETS2MCG(ETS2 Multiplayer Convoys Group) Team was established in 2016. We are an Asian Team with many countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China.

ETS2MCG is not only a simple team but also a big family for all drivers.

Why should you choose ETS2MCG?

Joining ETS2MCG team, you will have a plenty amount of benefits.

Applying for ETS2MCG

If you meet all of the requirements below, you may apply for ETS2MCG member.

To apply for our team, you can submit the form by clicking the button below.

Apply to ETS2MCG Team!

You can also join our Discord server here. Feel free to ask if you have any questions! And you can contact us via email by clicking here too.

Let's stay connected.

ETS2MCG team has Facebook group, YouTube channel, Steam group. We hope to see you there!

ETS2MCG, We are family!